What BTPP's Charity Does

BTPP has a limited charitable fund which has been built up through the hard work and generosity of a number of senior staff and other generous contributors over the years. This fund is used to promote equality of access to psychoanalytic training. Its administration is overseen by BTPP's Board of Trustees who generously give their time to this task.

A Brief History

BTPP's beginnings are far from the organisation it is today.

BTPP owes it's origins to many people, though the initiation and development of the work of BTPP is down to the'chutzpah', hard work, skill, capacity and commitment of Shirley and Brian Truckle. Simply put, BTPP would not be in existence were it not for their determination and generosity of their time and spirit.

When Shirley and Brian moved to Birmingham from the Tavistock Clinic there had been an infant observation course run by Dr Linda Winkley, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, who had recruited Barbara Forryan and Beta Copley, both Child Psychotherapists, to teach in Birmingham.

Shirley and Brian, with advice from Margaret Rustin and help from Dr Dickie Bird, BTPP's first Chair of Training, Dr Athol Hughes, Dr Elinor Wedeles, Elizabeth Oliver-Bellasis and Dr Alberto Hahn and others, developed a training prospectus and BTPP became recognised by the ACP as a training school in 1991.

Eventually, BTPP was able to persuade the Regional Health Authority (now Health Education West Midlands) to fund BTPP on a five year rolling contract commissioning five new trainee Child psychotherapists positions per year.

To date BTPP has trained more than 80 Child Psychotherapists and hundreds of local Clinicians working with children have completed the infant observation course...

Kevin Booth

Aug 2016

For more information, contact Kevin Booth on 0121 7530413 or kevinbooth@btpp.co.uk