What BTPP does

BTPP educates and trains professionals from a psychoanalytic perspective to achieve a better understanding of the children and families they work with. Some of these professionals include, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Teachers, Learning Support Workers, Social Workers, Child Care Workers, Counsellors, Art and Music Therapists.

BTPP delivers an Association of Child Psychotherapists accredited and Health Education West Midlands funded doctoral equivalent child psychotherapy training.

BTPP delivers a Pg/Dip/ or MA in 'Working with children, young people & families: a psychoanalytic observational approach (M7)' as an associate centre in conjunction with the Tavistock Clinic and the University of Essex.

BTPP delivers one day and introductory courses, open workshops and seminars.

BTPP delivers introductory trainings in Infant Mental Health

BTPP offers supervision, consultation and training to Child Psychotherapists and other professionals working with children across the West Midlands region.

BTPP designs and delivers bespoke training and consultation to organisations, teams, and services working with children.

BTPP actively promotes equality of access to psychoanalytic thinking, ideas, education and training across culture, ethnicity and financial status.

BTPP is a small organisation that prides itself in it's ability to promote a sense of community and belonging in all of it's work.

BTPP's development has been organic, engaging with and responding to the needs of West Midlands community it serves.