Overview of the Course

Enquiries about and expressions of interest in the 2017/2018 clinical training intake are welcome. An early conversation with Kevin Booth would be useful and, if appropriate, a visit to BTPP and the possibility of sitting in on a training day (Friday) might help potential applicants with their decisions about submitting an application for the training

Core clinical seminars continue.

Most of what has gone before is of core importance and continues. By this stage, most of the trainees will have at least one training case (an intensive case being seen at least three times a week and supervised weekly by a supervisor chosen by the Organising Tutor specifically for the combination of that trainee and that child). They will also be studying Theory I (reading list is given at Appendix V.)

In the second year students attend Parent work seminars

These seminars on working with parents whose children are in therapy aims to help the student assist the parent to support and to foster their child's development and to think about the difficulties the parents are experiencing with their children. Some work with parents takes place when the children may not be receiving any direct therapy themselves. These seminars are attended by all four year groups. It is important to note that, although parents will obviously bring their own issues, the focus of this work is different from adult psychotherapy.