Overview of the Course

Enquiries about and expressions of interest in the 2017/2018 clinical training intake are welcome. An early conversation with Kevin Booth would be useful and, if appropriate, a visit to BTPP and the possibility of sitting in on a training day (Friday) might help potential applicants with their decisions about submitting an application for the training

Core clinical seminars continue in the third year and students attend Assessment seminars

In these seminars, students will be taken through the experience of receiving a referral and responding to it appropriately. They will focus on exploring the needs of a particular child and family, taking into account both the child's capacity to use psychotherapy and the network's capacity to support and tolerate change. A decision will need to be made on the treatment of choice (which may not necessarily be psychotherapy and, if it is a psychotherapy case, on the frequency of treatment). Negotiating the treatment with the family and network and writing all the appropriate letters and reports to keep the child safe will be part of the work focused on.

Further intensive training cases are set up. This can be a very busy year for students.