Overview of the Course

Enquiries about and expressions of interest in the 2017/2018 clinical training intake are welcome. An early conversation with Kevin Booth would be useful and, if appropriate, a visit to BTPP and the possibility of sitting in on a training day (Friday) might help potential applicants with their decisions about submitting an application for the training

Core clinical seminars continue. Students continue to attend parents and assessment seminars

Students work to complete their intensive training cases. Depending on the placement students are encouraged to widen their experience and to 'fill out' their log with applications of child psychotherapy technique, for example doing brief work and consultation to other professionals.

In the fourth year, a small year group seminar will focus on clinical work, useful theory arising from the group's needs on an ad hoc basis and thought about how to plan and structure qualifying papers as a paradigm for taking an overview of the growth and development of a particular child in his or her therapy.

In this year students are encouraged to begin thinking about and working on the qualifying paper. A Senior Tutor sets aside time to support and guide the student in this process